Engine & Gearbox Protection Plan

Your engine and gearbox is more important than you think – maintain them well!


The engine of your car is like the heart of a human body – it’s the driving force behind your vehicle and if it fails, your car is immediately useless. The gearbox in the car is also essential for your car movement, as it transfers the power from the engine to the wheels.  The importance of these two components cannot be over-emphasised.

Our cars are also kept on the road for a longer period of time due to the rising prices.  We should thus start paying more attention to our cars, especially the engine and gearbox.  No repairs of your car will cost more than these two components.

This Engine and Gearbox protection is only offered for customers who have signed up for the Premium Servicing by EAC, which requires servicing every 7,000 km.


Who needs the Engine and Gearbox Protection ?

  • If you have just bought a secondhand car
  • If the warranty from your authorised dealer has expired
  • If you are not changing your car anytime soon
  • If you are worried about high repair costs as your car ages


How do you go about signing up for the Engine and Gearbox Protection?

  • Contact EAC friendly sales person – (65) 6385 5884
  • Send your car for a inspection at our workshop
  • Once your vehicle is deemed to be in satisfactory condition, you will be issued the protection plan with immediate effect