Commercial Vehicles

Your Commercial Vehicle is Important for You

We understand the importance of keeping your commercial vehicles in the best condition so that your services can be reliable.  At EAC, we strive to provide quality and affordable servicing.


Hassle-Free, No Loss of Operational Hours

We also understand the need for a hassle-free servicing that will not result in lost man-hours/business opportunities.   That is why, we have introduced a Night-time Servicing for commercial vehicles.

Under this new package, maintenance of the vehicle shall be performed between 6pm and 6am of the following day.  EAC shall provide pick-up and return of the vehicles during the appointment day.  All pick-ups shall be done after 6pm on the appointment day; and all returns shall be done by 6am on the following day.

Our Night-time Servicing will ensure your commercial vehicles are kept in the best condition, with no down-time during your regular business hours, and minimum hassles for you.


Please feel free to contact us for more information.